Thuen Dzongkha Prayers to start off the day. Kuzoo Zangpo Khaten Morning Call-In-Show Kala Pingka A dedication show only through fax or in writing Zhabthra Lemo This show caters to dzongkha rock songs for the youth Khuju Nemo Afternoon Call-In-Show Sung Dramyen  Traditional Boedra and Zhungdra show in order to preserve our culture and tradition Sungkey Live singing Call-In-Show Zhung Dratshang Program Daily programs from Zhung Dratshang ( Zakars, Choesheys ) Yuldruk Nemo latest songs and special programs Tashi Delek Layrim Night Call-In-Show Kuzoo Trophel Aired every Sunday live. This show caters to listeners with entertainment and information. We invite public figures from entertainment industry. G2C Talk Show A Talk show by G2C on their various services for benefit of every citizen. Tendrel A talk show especially meant for our listeners to know and preserve our culture and tradition.